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Remedy Your Constipation
By AvoidingThis Bedtime Snack

Dr. Karlo Mauro, N.D.

Now if you believe the TV commercials, the best bedtime snack for you is a bagel or a bowl of cereal (maybe with some sugar sprinkled on top).

They claim that the carbohydrates make you drowsy and the milk acts as a natural sedative.


Well almost... Yes, the starch will make you drowsy (but the real goal is to sleep DEEPLY). Milk can work as a natural sedative IF you warm it – most people eat cold cereal (a constipating combination right there).

Seriously, I can think of little benefit to women slicin' n' toastin' a bagel at 9pm at night, coating it with butter and putting it in their mouth.

It may make you feel sleepy but it will probably cause your blood sugar levels to suddenly rise and then crash around 2am disturbing your sleep.

Plus, putting a bagel in your stomach before bed means it's either...

1) Going to stop you from getting into a deep sleep because your digestive tract needs to work on breaking it down for the next two hours or...

2) You go into a deep sleep and leave this half-digested bagel in your intestines, fermenting. No wonder you don't feel like breakfast the next morning.

Hey, maybe that's why Cornflakes® started promoting their cereal as the "perfect bedtime snack." Everybody was falling for the bagel strategy and then waking up with no appetite for cereal.

Having a Starch Before Bed is Going to Make You FAT

You're body is burning almost no calories during your sleep. A typical bagel with butter is loaded with TWENTY PERCENT of a typical woman's daily calorie needs. That bagel is going to turn into pure sugar around midnight. Two things happen then...

1. That sugar rush will wake you up or cause you to toss and turn or...

2. That sugar will be turned into fat and then stored on your hips and belly.

You'll wake up with more fat than when you went to sleep.

Despite what the media would like you to believe, every Naturopathic Doctor can confirm for you that the main thing making North Americans overweight is starch and sugar. It's not oils, butter or meat. Of course, even an excess amount of fat calories will cause weight gain.

But sugar and refined starch are the real culprits. Quite simply, they breakdown into sugar and absorb into the blood stream way too fast.

So what to eat as a bedtime snack?


By that I mean, for one to two hours before you go to bed, don't eat, drink or take in anything but oxygen.

If you're eating properly during the day, you shouldn't require a snack so close to bedtime. Your body is shutting down. Your digestive tract is closed for the day. If you throw food into it, it's only going to get half digested and become food for bacteria in your gut.

Keeping the harmful bacteria at bay and healthy bacteria in the forefront is one of the best ways to relieve constipation.

This is what happens:

You eat a bagel.

You go to sleep.

Your stomach and intestines are naturally trying to shut down.

That bagel, more or less sits there.

Bacteria – both good and bad – do not need sleep. They come out for the party.

You've just left a major chunk of food. They'll swarm all over it, consuming as much as they can. They'll start reproducing like mad in the process.

And just like us, as they consume so they excrete. And what they excrete are toxins and gas that damage the lining of your colon. The gas compounds the bloated feeling of constipation and makes it difficult for stools to pass.

Reality is...

You Need to Make Sure Your Stomach is EMPTY When You Take To The Covers

If you absolutely must eat something, have a piece of fruit. Fruit is a decent choice because the fiber in fruit prevents it from spiking your blood sugar too quickly.

But again, you shouldn't really need to be munching on food before bed. If you find you feel you need to, you should determine whether it's more an emotional need than a physical one.

If so, then try replacing food with other, more satisfying emotional comforts. Here are a few examples:

1. A walk around the block.

2. Reading a book, poetry or scripture.

3. Listening to an audio book.

4. Listening to light music.

5. Playing an instrument.

6. Meditation/Prayer.

7. Cuddling with your husband or partner.

I don't recommend the TV (or computers) before bed. The light from TV stops the natural flow of melatonin, the hormone which triggers sleep.

The other reason you may be getting hungry at night is because you are staying up too late. You need to aim to be asleep by 9 - 10pm. This is when the sun sets near the equator and is the most natural time for human beings to end their day.

After 10pm your brain starts kicking in with new hormones that wake you up, making you hungry and active.

I recommend you have dinner finished by 6pm. Then you can have a light snack at 8pm if you feel like it. A piece of fruit and some almond butter is an ideal combination. It digests easily and will keep your blood sugar regulated during the night.

Another reason you may be feeling the need for a bedtime snack is because your diet is out of whack. Most men and women are eating far too much processed foods. They also don't eat enough fruits and vegetables which are loaded with minerals and vitamins that truly nourish you (versus just keeping you going).

In fact, most people in our developed country are lacking vital nutrients in their diet. They are literally starving themselves while eating. No wonder their body keeps on demanding more and more food. It's not so much asking for quantity but quality.

Likewise, as I've already mentioned, proper absorption of food by chewing is essential to feeling fully nourished (and also for avoiding constipation).

Through my concise resource, 37 Constipation Relief Strategies, I'll show you...

  • Stones in Your Gut: Find out what healthy foods, when eaten and prepared the WRONG WAY, dry up your stool and move through like a stone... revealed on page 9.
  • Reinforcements:Often hunger cravings are caused by too many unfriendly bacteria that live inside your colon. Find out how to effortlessly make a special drink, overnight, that will be swarming with billions of FRIENDLY bacteria. These friendly guys will go to war with the unfriendly bacteria inside you, so that your appetite can return to a healthy norm.

It's well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I agree. If you do breakfast right, it's usually easy enough to keep the rest of the day in line with your health goals. So I devoted all of Strategy #28 to ensure you start your day off with a Non-Constipating Breakfast Routine...

  • The Best Time to Get up in the Morning: This tip comes from two of the world's oldest traditions, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. It allows you to avoid RE-ASSIMILATING constipating toxins that your body has been purging during the night.
  • Don't Make These Two Breakfast Blunders: Find out what you're doing at breakfast that may be throwing your tummy off for the rest of the day.
  • Cereal AGAIN!? Don't restrict yourself to what the TV commercials say you should eat! If you're eating the same thing every morning, you need to read this section.

All this and much more is packed into 43 pages of 37 Constipation Relief Strategies for Women.

Yours in Natural Health,

Dr. Karlo Mauro, N.D.

Dr. Karlo Mauro, BSc, BA, MSEd, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Constipation Relief Strategies For Women


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