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Success Stories and Testimonials


"I want to let you know that your program has been so successful in ridding my constipation. I started to get great results after 24 hours! It was like I was detoxing. I was headachy for the first couple of days and what I released was so smelly. I'm not one to weigh myself but I can tell from my clothing that I have lost weight around my middle. Thanks for sharing your simple and effective program. I feel so much better."

Ros ─ Tasmania


"I hate to be cliche but I have never felt the urge to write a doctor and thank him for the tremendous change he brought to my life. All the 7 parts of your free guide, 7 Common Causes of Constipation Every Woman Should Know and Avoid, is so amazingly right-this-minute in my life. The questions, the observations, the confusion, the fear and joy of what it is to be free from the "gut trouble" really helped me focused on improving my health. It is feeding my soul. No amount of words could ever suffice my heartfelt gratitude for the energy you put in looking for new answers in these hard and trying times."

Larraine ─ Philippines


"Thank you for your greatest knowledge ever. I just come across you website a week ago and purchased your "37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women". I was having bloating and embarrassing gas issues for many years. I tried so many different methods to help with the problems but to no avail. I am so glad I ordered your e-book and signed up for your emails. I have to say, it is working superbly and I agree with you 100% with all your information. I am very pleased :) with the results so far. I just wish you were closer…so I can see you in person. Whatever you sell, I buy it."

June ─ USA

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"Thank you for the useful information for the relief of constipation. To have someone that far to communicate with me (Canada to Seychelles) through email it's a great opportunity, instead of just going to the clinic here and getting some laxative and then back to the same problem. I really appreciate it and I'm already putting some of your tips into practice. I'm really seeing a great difference in my bowel movement since I got those useful tips from you. I will try my best to remove the most common causes of this problem to bring some relief in the end. Thank you once again for the complimentary aid and for your time. You're an excellent doctor."

Jenifer ─ Seychelles


"I downloaded your 37 Constipation Home Remedies on Dec. 19 and started 4 of the remedies on Thu Dec 20 (1 week ago). All I can say is Thank-You, Thank-You!! I have been seeing [a doctor] from the world-leading centre for colon/rectum diseases for about a year now. He has not been able to give me the info in a year that you have in just 1 week…You did it!!"

Gabriella ─ Ontario, Canada


"I think your newsletter/information is interesting and makes me proud to know that someone else cares about the same things I care about. Keep sending it along. I tell everyone about you and we will meet one day soon. Thanks for making the world a better place!!!!"

Jennifer ─ USA


"By just following the tips you have supplied in your booklets, I am already much more regular and much less flatulence. Thank you for helping me."

Lorna ─ South Africa


"Firstly I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your free information on constipation. I am so glad I bumped into your website having suffered constipation for all my life (at least for as far back as I remember). I was looking for a solution to gases when I found your website. My day has always been filled with releasing of gases. I was having bowel movements once in 1-2 weeks and it will take me around 30minutes in the bathroom.

Having gone through all your seven parts the results are just amazing and I should say unbelievable because the same week I started practising what you taught in your booklets I started to see changes. Now I have bowel movements once a day and spend maybe only five minutes. Actually, it's just like feeling the urge to poop and getting into the bathroom and do exactly that in no time. This to me is a miracle and I am still perplexed. Once again, thank you very much."

Deb ─ Australia


"I just wanted to tell you that I love your 7 Constipation Causes! They are so uplifting and informative. I can tell that you truly care about everyone and want to help people have better lives - physically and spiritually! You are a remarkable man."

Sandy ─ USA


"I have been sent the 7 steps to help with my digestive problems and have been following your advice on bloating, gas, constipation, etc. and the results have been excellent. By just doing one simple step you recommended, has solved a problem of many years. Many thanks again."

Talita ─ South Africa


"I don't know whether you are able to read my mails or not but thanks again. It feels so much relief when after years I now know what's wrong. Thanks for everything... for every mail, for every word. Lastly, I will say that I have started feeling changes in my GUT already. Those bricks are much softer and headache has not been there since your emails. I can't tell you how it feels to tell you what you did. Life has changed a lot for me in many ways! Thanks."

Vishal ─ India

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"I would like to thank you personally for the most informative information you have sent me through your booklets on relief strategies for women and your 37 remedies ebook. I would like to inform you that I have been a chronic sufferer of constipation almost all my life and have had quite a variety of laxatives imaginable. I am not suffering as severely as before as I have drastically changed my eating lifestyle. The information you provided was very beneficial and helped me immensely. You have been most helpful to try to solve my long life problem which is quite annoying and uncomfortable. Many thanks once again for your sterile help."

Mary ─ Malta



"A million thanks! I took your advice and on Saturday started implementing the health habits you suggested. And my goodness I am surprised at how quickly I am getting results. I am one of those women who is very slim, but because of bloating, some days I look as if I am 4 months pregnant instead. Eating is a whole lot more rewarding! You can be sure I'll continue to do the healthy habits. Now I'm even starting to sleep better and my stomach is now becoming a lot more silent. I can never repay you for all the knowledge you have passed unto me. My heart felt thanks to you.

Marilyn ─ Belize


"Thank you so much, Dr. Mauro for your free series and 37 remedies! Thank you for caring about people like me enough to help with affordable and BRILLIANT information. M.D.'s pretty-much laugh the problem off, and tell you to eat more lettuce, and eat LESS! Ugh! So it is SO wonderful to have someone, who knows what they're talking about, take the issue of constipation seriously, and actually be able to HELP us chronic sufferers. I am so thankful for you, and I am certain that I am not the only one. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are absolutely fabulous!"

Kelly ─ USA


"Thank you for sending me the pdf. Even just taking information from your 7 Constipation Causes and even before I bought your ebook, I can feel a difference in my constipation. I have already seen a difference in 2 days! Things sure are moving !!!!"

Bina ─ Australia


"Thank you for your 7part series and 37 remedies. It has helped me better than anything else I've ever tried and I'm having great success. Also, eating fruit by itself has pretty much cured my bloated stomach. Hooray! I really appreciate all the effort you've put into your emails and 37 home remedies. Your emails are very, very informative and it really widens my health knowledge. Thank you Dr. Mauro!" "

Rachel ─ USA



"I am not sure how I discovered your website but I did and I thank you so much for giving me such wonderful advice in your free information about dealing with, and eliminating constipation. Your help has been invaluable ... and I think I am going to look to you a lot more in the future and will definitely download your book and recommend you to all my friends. Thank you so much Dr Mauro! With grateful thanks for all your help and advice. God bless and may you continue in good health with your wonderful work!!"

Cheryl ─ England


"Yes your 7 tips did help me a lot! I do appreciate you sending me this vital information. I will take this well informed information and use it in my daily habits. Your explanations were very easy to understand. I will send your information to all my friends who I know it benefit. Again, thank you."

Nancy ─ USA


"Your remedies for fighting constipation are nonetheless amazing. I adopted about 6 of them and from the very first day, after months of constipation, I went to the toilet without the need of medicines or glycerine suppositories. I had forgotten how good it feels to have your body cleaned from the inside everyday and in a natural way. Very well done to you and may the Lord keep his hands on you."

Janet ─ Malta


"My constipation has improved considerably and trust me for telling you I remember you twice each day."

Trudy ─ India



"Thank you so much for sending me useful information about health. Its helping me a lot, and regarding about your last email sure I can help you about helping women who want to be healthy like me. So one again I want to say thank you and god bless!!!"

Maria ─ Dubai, United Arab Emirates


"Many thanks to you for your series of 7 common causes of constipation. It has been very useful to me as I have been diagnosed with IBS. I have been trying all sorts of things for relief, especially with constipation and I was happy when I got your contact. I will certainly pass on your contact to my colleagues and family members. Thanks so much for your assistance."

Anna ─ Saint Lucia


"Thank you so much for all your free tips. I enjoyed reading them. I look forward to read the remaining information. They are already helping me a lot!!!! Thank you so much for all your help!!!"

Fe ─ Australia


"Thanks for all the awesome advise you sent me. The information has helped answer quite a few questions I've had. I will be referring you to my mom as well...Very helpful...thank-you."

Brenda ─ USA


"Good day. I have received you're booklets and so interesting to know that every details of your information are true enough causes of my constipation. Now I can realize what is lacking in me. I now follow your advice. You truly help me a lot, thank you so much. More power and God Bless."

Victoria ─ Philippines


"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the health issues/topics you're sending me....this are all beneficial because I do share the topics to my friends & senior citizens of our community when we have our meeting. God bless & don't forget to send me more of vital health info."

Mayette ─ Philippines


"I would be very interested in your recipes. I am finding your advice very helpful through the emails and 37 remedies manual."

Vera ─ Australia


"Thank you very much Dr Mauro. I learned a lot from the 7 part series."

Mary Ann ─ Philippines


"Thanks a bunch for your free 7 Constipation Causes which has been of great help to me. I'll definitely spread a word around in my friend circle and forward them your link for benefiting from someone as talented and kind person like you. Once again many thanks for all the help and support! Thank you once again for good things you have done to the society!!"

Bela ─ India



"I received your 7 Constipation Causes, started immediately doing them and in one week already see a difference in my BM consistency. I've been constipated near 40 years, like my parents. Thanks for your help."

Pat ─ USA


"Your emails and the 37 remedies for constipation are very very inviting and must say very good. Many thanks and congratulations for your work."

Joan ─ Malta


"I must say that I am grateful to you for all the 7 part series that you have sent me. I have suffered from the same problem for good number of years and I am happy that all this is gone! I know what to eat, when to drink and how to enjoy my sleep. Thanks again and please avail me with more health information where possible."

Adrine ─ Uganda


"I got down to listening to the 37 remedies and then read them too. I want to thank and congratulate you again for your knowledge, interest and concern, but most of all the clarity of your instructions."

Indrani ─ India


"Thank you so much and I have learnt a lot from your 7 Constipation Causes and I will continue to live healthy after thoroughly practicing your 37 remedies for health. Thank you so much again."

Gayatri Rao ─ USA

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"I profoundly wish to appreciate your marvelous work in the health domain and to thank you sincerely for the 7 common causes of constipation you freely sent to me. I pray and hope that the Almighty God will bless and reward you abundantly. Accept my warmest regards."

Nchinda ─ Cameroon


"I really want to thank you for helping me for relief from constipation which I was going through for years. I am from FIJI and I have seen many doctors for this. They gave me coloxyl with senna and it always cost me many dollars. I REALLY THANK YOU FROM MY HEART."

Sarita ─ Fiji


"It is great to read something that is so inspiring ,interesting and hopeful."

Debbie ─ England


"I am delighted to read your emails and feel indebted for not saying thank you earlier. You are a wonderful doctor and I envy those who have the opportunity to be treated by you face to face."

Florence ─ Kenya


"I have to say that after reading the free remedies, I have renewed hope. Kindest regards and again thank you."

Jacki ─ England



"I'm all the way from Jamaica and your free information have benefit me a lot. Thank you!"

Michagaye ─ Jamaica


"I read your 7 common causes for constipation & also the main guidelines you listed there. I just followed 2 of the 7 guidelines you had problem is already sorted out to greater extent. I am very thankful to your suggestions."

Tejas ─ India


"I've received the free "7 causes of constipation for women." Thank you very much. The information is very useful and I've already seen changes from following your recommendations."

Justin ─ Bulgaria


"I must thank you profusely for your help. I was not drinking anywhere near enough, and I have put that right. I was also not chewing my food properly and now take more time with my meals. I have tried to do everything you suggest, and am indeed improving, and looking forward to the future without bowel trouble. Once again, thank you for your help.

Norma ─ Spain


"I very much enjoy your informative emails."

Kay ─ New Zealand


"I so glad and grateful to you. Thank you for giving me some tips or pointers about cause of constipation. I started applying it to myself. Actually, I was able to move my bowel already. Thank you."

Mate ─ Philippines


"Thank you very much for the wisdom you've shared! A million thanks!"

Mary ─ Italy


"Just to let you know that I have been following your advice and the results are great. Thank you!"

Carol ─ South Africa


"Thank you very much for your advice. I am improving now with my constipation because of your kindly advice. God bless you."

Charles ─ Kenya


"Let me take an opportunity to thank you for the assistance you brought to my life up to this far. I was to a point of giving up and adapting to the fact that I will always feel bloated every day of my life. Things are becoming better now."

Thully ─ Lesotho



"Thanks alot for your wonderful advice in your free emails."

Sandra ─ Nigeria


"Thank you so much for the mails you send. Thank you so much for helping."

Lydiah ─ Kenya


"Thank you very much for the life changing information. I'm so excited sharing it with my friends. It's so amazing that we get the basics wrong and this sadly has a negative impact on our health. Once again thank you very much."

Nicolette ─ South Africa


"Thank you for the email series. I have implemented some of the strategies in my routine and already see some changes. Thank you."

Cynthia ─ USA


"I want to thank you for the free information (7 Common Causes of Constipation Every Woman Should Know and Avoid) you sent me. I've been putting them into practice and I've seen some great results so far. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!"

Janet ─ USA


"Many thanks for your tips and advice on constipation."

Leng ─ England

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"Thank you very much for your email about constipation relief for women. It's been very useful for me."

Yuqun ─ New Zealand


"Many thanks for your 7 steps programme. I already feel that I am benefitting from your advice. Besides, it's being an interesting read."

Christine ─ Venezuela


"Thank you for your emails and your 7 Common Causes of Constipation. I am so interested about your advice. I like very much the information I already received. Thank you. You are great!!!"

Martina ─ Czech Republic


"These emails are excellent! Thanks once again for the excellent tips and important details."

Viji ─ India



"Thank you so much for the valuable emails that you sent to me - free. When I wrote to you, I was having hemorrhoids, and I was searching for help on the Internet. Your words were very helpful, and also very encouraging. May God bless you."

Eva ─ Egypt


"Thank you very much for many information. You save my life. Thank you much."



"Thank you very much Dr. Karlo Mauro for your help because before consulting you I use to pass this embarassing gas every day. But since I read your free copy of seven causes of constipation I can now stay for a week without passing it. Again I use to stay for a week without emptying my bowl but now I do pass at least once a day. All because of you. Lots of thanks."

Talash ─ Kenya


"Thanks Dr. Karlo! I am learning so much! And feeling much better!"

Tilli ─ USA


"I am very thankful to you to send me very useful emails. I got so much knowledge with them. Please keep forwarding me your precious emails in future also. Thanks."

Ghazala ─ Panama


"Thank you very much for your lovely letters you have sent me. They are something very useful and I shall always treasure it. I appreciate that very much."

Genet ─ Ethiopia


"I'm so happy I found you. Already my digestive problems are much improved and the only thing I've done is keep the fruit separated from other food. I think my problems can be solved using your suggestions. Thanks a lot."

Ruth ─ USA


"I thank you so much for your messages. It has opened my eyes. Please continue sending me those eye opening facts to me. Continue the great work you are doing and God bless you so much. Thank you so much. You are really inspiring me to take full responsibility of my life."

Jessica ─ Belgium


"I would like to say thanks to you for such kind of help you made. I really benefited from your free program. Before this program I was using ayurvedic herbal powder every night at bedtime for easy movement of bowel. After attending your program I really benefited. Once again I want to say thanks to you for such kind of work you doing for free of cost."

Arvind ─ Qatar


"Many thanks for your information and yes I have followed it very closely and must admit it made very good sense. Your advice in your first letter made a huge difference. I am feeling so much better and thank you as I really appreciated this information."

Valerie ─ New Zealand



"Thanks for your emails--they're both informative and educative. I'm seriously looking forward to your subsequent emails. God will bless you for this good work that you are doing for humanity."

Nike ─ Nigeria


"Thank you very much for your emails that I have received thus far. I have already seen a big improvement as far as my bowel movement is concerned and do feel alot better just by doing what your emails have mentioned I should do."

Jenna ─ South Africa


"I believe this is helping me a great deal. The gas and odor is much better and eating my fruit other than at meal time has been a great help to me. I am very pleased that your Strategies have helped so much."

Florence ─ Saskatchewan, Canada


"I thank you very very much for your report and I am finally following your advice. My problem is already improved after putting the first 7 items into practice."

Blanche ─ South Africa


"Thanks for all your emails. I read every one of them and enjoying it very much. It answers many questions I have!"

Louana ─ USA


"Thank you very much for sharing me the tips about fruits. The good things you've done will never be lost and every bit of care you show will come right back to you for God knows you have a good heart. God bless you and your family."

Cora ─ Germany


"I'd like to thank you for all your helpful tips. My gut has improved. Keep the wisdom flowing."

Kazeka ─ South Africa


"Sir , you've given so much valuable info during the last 2 mths . There's a lot of improvement. Thanks a lot."

Asha ─ India


"Thank you so much Dr Karlo Mauro for all your free series. I received all. You have actually been a blessing to me. I promise to forward to as many women as I can. Thank you and God bless."

Sarah ─ England


"I really appreciate u so much for sending me relevant information about health. God bless doctors like you. God bless your heart for this task. Thank you. Thank u a billion times over."

Hannah ─ Philippines



"I wish you knew how useful your mails are to me. I'm an African Ugandan who works with the communities, women in particular. I quite often share contents of your mail with them. All of us have found it interesting and useful. What a level of generosity I've found in you. The "37 constipation home remedies for women" and "13 ways to simplify your life" I received. I do not have words to express my excitement over these and how I've found them very, very useful. I'm putting all I've learnt into practice and it's for sure changing my life. Carry--on and cherioon with your family."

Joyce ─ Uganda


"Wow I like it very much even I read just a little. Oh my this is really good stuff. I will read it slowly and try to understand thanks.

Edelisa ─ Philippines


"Thanks for all those mails. I followed those earlier ones you sent me & got substantial relief. I will never forget your altruism and your overwhelming urge, your desire to help humanity."

Vandita ─ India


"Thank you for all the e-mails you sent. They are educational and helpful to my constipation problem. Thank you and God Bless!"

Julia ─ Philippines


"I love your articles and they are doing me good. Thanks!"

Immaculate ─ Kenya


"I started your program in April. I only needed to do two things which made a huge difference. Instantly I was going to the bathroom on a daily basis."

Marci ─ USA


"All ur mails made me to gain confidence. Thanks for making me to aware about the root cause and remedies for constipation problems. Thanks for ur unparallel services. God Bless U Sir."

Harini ─ India


"Your advice on health especially for me is invaluable. I find that you touch the very hot spots of my health which I need to address. Thank you very much. May God Bless You."

Mel ─ Uganda


"Thank you for sending me continuous healthy information. I really learned a lot from you. God bless."

Ann ─ Manitoba, Canada


"I want to say thank you for sharing this very important knowledge and experiences which you cannot find in a classroom or anyhow. People like you are demonstrating your care for others to save people from poor health practices in terms of the feeding habits and way of life. Thank you very much and please keep up."

Hellen ─ Uganda



"I have been receiving all of your e-mails and find the information very interesting and informative. I particularly enjoyed your article on how to eat your meals for I was in the habit of eating my fruits immediately after having my breakfast and couldn't understand while all the way on my journey to work I kept on belching. I have since followed your advice of when to eat my fruits and no longer experience the problem. Thank you."

Marion ─ Trinidad


"Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the wonderful information I've received thus far. I have found the information contained in your emails to be most valuable and now have my bowels functioning better than I've known for ten years."

Penelope ─ Australia


"The series you have sent me (the 7 parts) have been great help to me. I appreciate and do not know how to thank you.

I have been suffering from constipation and bloating and as expected humiliating gas. Sometimes I go for days without eating and I got starved and got weak which as you can see is not good and could not solve my problem. I was suffering a great deal till I come across your website. I used to take a lot more coffee and not taking liquid especially as you mentioned pure water (H2O).

But, now thanks to you I have cut my coffee consumption a great deal though not totally and started taking a lot of water as of per your advice and not eating slowly and chewing completely. I am no longer in a hurry while taking my food. I always remember you and your advice whenever I take water and have my food in front of me and try my very best to follow your very good advice.

And to make things better I am feeling the energy coming back to me and my bloating is getting much better and I am losing weight and my constipation is on the way of improvement. And I am sure I would come to normal condition as I used to be with no such problems thanks to you.

Finally, I would like to thank you for helping me for free and other women who have similar problem. We owe you a great deal. I am from Eritrea, East Africa and I could not afford such valuable health treatment of such kind."

Ruth ─ Eritrea


"I am speechless and very grateful for your great information and kindness."

Caroline ─ Kenya


"Thank you so much for sending such amazing informative reports. I look forward to receiving these and have become the highlight of my computer."

Keryn ─ New Zealand


"I have been following your advice especially on constipation and it has really helped me. Thank u so much."

Zipporah ─ Kenya


"Thank you for your fantastic emails!"

Anna ─ Montenegro


"Your valuable advice as well as your noble effort to help is having a wonderful effect. Thanks to you I am a new person!"

Katarina ─ Serbia


"First of all I want to say thank you and God bless you greatly. My health has improved greatly since I started reading your health tips. I am grateful."

Florence ─ Lebanon


"Thank you very much for the free information that you have been sending me. It has been a great help."

Janet ─ Philippines



"I am finding the information you provide very useful and informative. Thank you!"

Lorraine ─ Manitoba, Canada


"I have found following the advise in your free reports to be invaluable in my fight against bloating and constipation. My gut has really improved since I added ginger to my daily diet. Making a pot of ginger tea at the end of the day has really improved my digestion. For the past few weeks I have been feeling a lot better. I am now regular and have more energy than before."

Michelle ─ Australia


"I am so blessed to have known you. Your articles are already enough because it is very informative and effective for me."

Regina ─ Philippines


"Thank you for your interesting e-mails. I have learnt so much."

Carol ─ USA


"I would like to thank you for the emails you have been sending me regarding constipation. Everything you have told me has helped my symptoms. I only wish that I lived in your country and to have the opportunity of a private consultation with yourself because I feel that you would definitely be able to help with my medical condition. Once again, many thanks. I would be very grateful if you would carry on sending me your emails."

Susan ─ England

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