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Are These Medications Causing Your Constipation?

Dr. Karlo Mauro, N.D.

Oftentimes patients come to me with several symptoms that I can trace back to the medications they are taking. Both prescription and over the counter.

If you're taking any form of medication it could very likely be affecting your bowels and be partly responsible for your constipation.

In fact, many off-the-shelf concoctions, such as stomach antacids, contain a hard ore that will most definitely dry up your stool – making it difficult for you to go.

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs contain constipating ingredients as well.

And, of course, constipation is probably not the only side effect you're experiencing from these drugs. But, even if it was, that would be enough to make you want to switch, reduce or eliminate them. As we've already discussed, constipation can easily lead to serious bowel problems and liver issues.

My first suggestion, of course, would be to book an appointment with your local, licensed Naturopathic Doctor and start receiving natural treatments for the condition that requires you to be on medication. There are so many naturopathic treatment options available for a variety of conditions that you probably aren't aware of. So if your medical doctor put you on a medication saying you don't have a choice, seek naturopathic help and learn about safer, alternative options.

Notwithstanding, simply adjusting your diet, exercising more and taking specific herbal remedies may be all you need to get off expensive and toxic medication.

The other possibility is reducing your current doses of medication. This is something you'll want to do under the supervision of your medical doctor. For example, you may find HALF the recommended dosage will produce the same results, with more than half of the negative side-effects.

Women tend to benefit from reducing dosages more than men because their bodies tend to be smaller and metabolism slower. The "recommended" dose for your pharmaceutical drug is far too general to apply to all the different sizes and shapes of people on this planet. You need to find a dose that does the job, without taking any excess.

Now, here's the interesting thing...

It's quite possible that by...

Treating Your Constipation, You Won't Need Some or All The Medication You're Currently Taking

High blood pressure and high cholesterol, for example, are often caused by an unnatural diet and lack of exercise. These two factors are also the cause of most people's constipation.

Naturopathic medicine, unlike conventional medicine, looks at the body as a whole. In most cases, one problem is often related to the other.

Another example...

If you're taking anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with pain, you may find reducing or eliminating meat and saturated fats will make you feel so good you can drop your prescription. Likewise, by reducing the meat in your diet and eating more fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, you'll reduce your constipation.

And your constipation will also be reduced because you are not taking the anti-inflammatory drugs anymore.

That's why I strongly encourage you to give 37 Constipation Relief Strategies a try, if you haven't already downloaded a copy.

Though the goal of the37 Constipation Relief Strategies is to help you cure constipation, it will have several amazing side effects. I say amazing, because that's probably what you will think. Wait until to you experience how making these simple changes to your lifestyle, diet and mindset cannot only get your bowels regular, but it may also help improve...

  • Your Overall Mood: It's hard to feel good when your colon is backing up toxins into your bloodstream.
  • Raise Your Energy Levels:You'll know how draining pushing dry stools through your colon has been, when you see the contrast after applying even a few of the 37 strategies...
  • Remove IBS: If you suffer from other bowel problems, such as gas and a bloated stomach, the remedies in my volume will also help reduce or eliminate those related issues.
  • Healthier Skin: When your bowels are backed up, toxins need to find another way to escape. That's why you may find your skin feels dry, worn and aged. Regular bowel movements can bring life back to your skin and help you look a few years younger.

Those are just a FEW examples of what could improve once you start having bowel movements with ease, 2 - 3 times a day.

Think of your car... If you clogged up the gas pipe and turned on the engine, how well would your car work?

Or your toilet... If you kept on using it without flushing, what kind of mess would you have?

Or your house... What if you stopped emptying the trash bin under the kitchen sink?

Every One of Your 10 Trillion Cells in Your Body is Producing Waste...

... with each breath of air. You need to keep those waste products moving OUT if you want to remain young, healthy and beautiful.

You wouldn't do this with your car, toilet or restroom... so why are you doing it with your own body?

It's time to unclog your exhaust, give your pipes a good scrubbing and start taking the trash out EVERY SINGLE DAY. Get started by ordering 37 Constipation Relief Strategies for Women..

It's an instant pdf download and only 43 pages. You can have all the details and start some of the strategies today.

Some women find overnight deliverance. Others find they need a few weeks. It depends on how bad your case is. Results are usually noticeable within the first week or two.

I offer a 60-day refund policy, giving you plenty of time to read, apply and experience the higher level of health these 37 strategies can bring you. I guarantee if you apply even 1/3 of what I suggest in this guide you will find your bowel movements more frequent and easier to pass. If you don't, simply email my clinic and we'll refund you the full amount no questions asked.

Yours in Natural Health,

Dr. Karlo Mauro, N.D.

Dr. Karlo Mauro, BSc, BA, MSEd, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Constipation Relief Strategies For Women


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