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Constipation Home Remedies
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Constipation, Gas, Bloating & Fatigue

Dr. Karlo Mauro, N.D.

If you haven't pooped today,
we have a problem.

Hi there,

You’re probably not happy about the fact that you aren’t able to “go” like “regular” people. It’s not like you enjoy looking four-months pregnant when the only thing you should be birthing is yesterday’s meals.

Your gas keeps getting smellier, the bloating never goes away, and you spend so much time on the toilet straining to do something productive that it’s starting to get embarrassing.

Then when that magic time comes that you finally do manage to pass what feels like it will be a seven-pound poo, you’re deflated to see the result of all that effort was nothing worth writing home about. And yes. Pooping has become so rare an occasion that you would include the event in a Twitter update. (#GuessWhatiPooped)

If you eat 3 times a day, you should
poop 3 times a day. It’s that simple.

If you are only going Number Two only once, twice, or three times per week, you have a serious problem. Food is rotting in your gut and you have a cesspool of toxins swirling around in there, not only doing damage to your colon, but poisons are seeping into every cell in your body. You urgently need to get your bowels moving.

If you’re going every other day, that isn’t good, either. Waste needs to pass within 24 hours. If you're not going every day, more food is going in than out.

The result? Bloating and gas.

For some people, once a day isn’t even enough for optimal health. Two to three times per day is the ultimate goal and the only way to be sure that nothing is staying inside you longer than it should.

How to Get a Lot of Free (And Harmful)
Information on Constipation

There's A LOT of "instant cures" for constipation being sold online that are in fact, quite harmful. You should be wary of "miracle cures" because they are often cleverly disguised laxatives. These will weaken your bowels to the point where you cannot poop without them. Unfortunately, laxatives often create the opposite problem. You go from having severe constipation to uncontrollable diarrhea, overnight. Sometimes you don't get more than a 30 second warning from your bowels! That's fine if you can stay home within 10 feet of your bathroom. Not great when you're at work or on the road.

You've tried everything!

Fiber drinks, stool softeners, laxatives, herbal miracle cures, witch doctors… none of them have worked for you. You’re sick of flushing your money down the toilet. We both know what you would rather be flushing.

So how do you get things moving?

Simply put, you need more than a handful of laxatives. I am not here to sell you another bottle of something that isn’t going to do you any good.

Listen carefully... the goal is NOT to merely get your bowels emptying every day. It's to get your bowels emptying by themselves, every day. Do you see what I’m saying? Your colon needs to do it all by itself. Not relying on any stimulation from outside.

That's why you need to get your information from someone who has...

Firsthand experience and success stories
from over 18 years
of transforming women's lives

You need a holistic approach. And as you may have guessed already, that's where I come in.

I’m Dr. Karlo Mauro. Unlike many of the so called “experts” giving gut health advice on the internet, I’ve actually been practicing as a naturopathic doctor for the past 18 years (after spending over a decade in university earning 4 degrees!). It's my hands-on, real-world experience of treating thousands of women in my office that led me to creating my book...

37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women

I care a great deal about your bowel health (probably more than anyone else you know) and I want to share with you these simple constipation relief strategies/remedies (which I’ve personally witnessed all sorts of women in my clinic as well as women from across the world benefit from) so that you too, can finally enjoy relief… once and for all.

Here's what Deb from Australia had to say about 37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women...

"The results are just amazing and
I should say unbelievable..."

"Firstly, I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your information on constipation. I am so glad I bumped into your website having suffered constipation for all my life. My day has always filled with releasing of gases. I was having bowel movements once in 1 - 2 weeks and it would take me around 30 minutes in the bathroom.

Having gone through your information, the results are just amazing and I should say unbelievable because the same week I started practising what you taught I started to see changes. Now I have bowel movements once a day and spend maybe only 5 minutes in the bathroom. Actually, it's just like feeling the urge to poop and getting into the bathroom and do exactly that in no time. This to me is a miracle and I am still perplexed. Once again, thank you very much."

If you think you're too unhealthy, too constipated or simply not "built" for DAILY bowel movements, then think again. Because you're likely more ready than Mrs. McClain thought she was...

"Today I had 3 substantial bowel movements.
How is that possible!!!"

"I have suffered from chronic constipation since early childhood. For the past 20 years I have faithfully used two bags of senna tea in a large mug every nite. I thought I had cured my problem.

Last December I went on vacation to Puerto Rico, got sick with a bad cold, took a lot of cold medicine, and got so constipated that I came home with anal fissures, bleeding hemorrhoids and a blockage.

For the past 6 months I have spent hundreds of dollars going to a gastroenterologist, a doctor of natural medicine, and all the medicine and homeopathic remedies given to me gave me no relief from my painful constiptation. The only thing that helped was having an emema every 2 to 4 days. The last enema on Sat. Sept. 11th did not move anything out. I was crying hysterically in frustration.

I decided to finally purchase your ebook and thought, what can I lose. I started 5 of your strategies the next day (Sunday). Had a very small BM late that day. Did the strategies Monday morning the same way. Small BM late Monday. Tuesday, same thing. Wednesday, a little more. Today (Thursday) I had 3 substantial bowel movements. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!!

I can't believe these simple, natural remedies can have such an effect, on someone like me who has suffered practically all my life with this problem (I'm 59 years old). I will faithfully continue Dr. Mauro's remedies for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Mauro for helping people like me. It is truly appreciated."

Here’s what a few other patients/readers from
across the world had to say about...

37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women...

"I started to get results after 24 hours!"

"I want to let you know that your program has been so successful in ridding my constipation. I started to get great results after 24 hours! It was like I was detoxing. I was headachy for the first couple of days and what I released was so smelly. I'm not one to weigh myself but I can tell from my clothing that I have lost weight around my middle. Thanks for sharing your simple and effective program. I feel so much better." Ros ─ Tasmania

"... the very first day, after months of constipation, I went to the toilet without the need of laxatives and glycerine suppositories"

"Your 37 remedies for fighting constipation are nonetheless amazing. I adopted 6 of them and from the very first day, after months of constipation, I went to the toilet without the need of laxatives and glycerine suppositories. I had forgotten how good it feels to have your body cleaned from the inside everyday in a natural way. Very well done to you and may the Lord keep his hands on you." Janet ─ Ontario

"I'm really seeing a great difference
in my bowel movements..."

"Thank you for the useful information for the relief of constipation. To have someone that far to communicate with me (Canada to Seychelles) through email it's a great opportunity, instead of just going to the clinic here and getting some laxative and then back to the same problem. I really appreciate it and I'm already putting some of your tips into practice. I'm really seeing a great difference in my bowel movements since I got those useful tips from you. I will try my best to remove the most common causes of this problem to bring some relief in the end. Thank you once again. You're an excellent doctor." Jenifer ─ Seychelles

"All I can say is Thank-You, Thank-You!!"

"I downloaded your 37 Constipation Home Remedies on Dec. 19 and started 4 of the remedies on Thu Dec 20 (1 week ago). All I can say is Thank-You, Thank-You!! I have been seeing [a doctor] from the world-leading centre for colon/rectum diseases for about a year now. He has not been able to give me the info in a year that you have in just 1 week…You did it!!" Gabriella ─ Ontario, Canada

So that you can avoid having to physically come to my office for a visit, I’ve put together a reliable book based on my hands-on, day-in-day-out 18 years of experience treating women with severe constipation. This is what makes 37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women not just a “book.” It’s like sitting down with me for a couple of hours (without having to pay the $397 initial consultation fees.)

I’ve sold thousands of copies of this book at the price of $37. However, for a limited time, I’m offering a 76% discount so that you can get 37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women for only $9.

You are worth spending $9 on today.

Order now and you will be able to download the book instantly. You don't have to leave your home, or schedule a consultation. Everything is brought to you at a ridiculously low price, without hesitation, available for reference at your own convenience.


37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women



You will be able to immediately download 37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women as soon as you make your payment. You won't have to wait. Even if it's at 2 AM in the morning!


Just order the book, download it instantly, read it, and start using the information inside to help get your bowels moving like clockwork.

Those 2 – 3 daily bowel movements will give you a healthier colon, better skin, more energy, and most importantly, an overall better mood. Think about it... when you’re bound up, you’re also bound to be in a pretty “crappy” mood.

You'll start feeling a lot better once you're emptying every 24 hours... as each day passes you'll feel even less fatigued, your stomach will get flatter and food will go down so much easier. Once that happens, you'll be able to...

fit into your clothes again
go to social functions without worrying about embarrassing gas
enjoy energy for more than just work and sleep
feel "normal" and attractive again
spend less time on the toilet, more time with the family

Ordering is easy. Simply click the link below to get your copy now.

Click Here Now to Get Dr. Mauro’s
37 Constipation Home Remedies
For Women for only $9

To Your Bowel Health!

Dr. Karlo Mauro, N.D.

Dr. Karlo Mauro, BSc, BA, MSEd, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women

P.S. What if It Were Your Husband or Children? If a family member or friend was suffering from constipation, bloating and gas, you'd probably order 37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women for them without a second thought. Why not give yourself the same care? After all, your health, mood and longevity directly affect the lives of those you care about most.

P.P.S. I've sold thousands of copies of 37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women at the price of $37. However, for a limited time, I'm dropping the price to $9. Read what other women, just like you, had to say about 37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women...

"Thursday, I had 3 bowel movements"

"I bought your 37 remedies the other day because I was backed up. I loved that so many of the tips are things I'd never heard of before. I tried 4 of the strategies between Tuesday night and Wednesday night. Thursday, I had 3 bowel movements. Thanks so much!" Gratefully Unplugged - Ontario

"I lost 5lbs and am having a BM every day"

"I ordered your 37 remedies around 2 months ago. Since then I lost 5lbs and am having a BM every day, sometimes twice. Before I was going twice a week. I'm practicing only 5 of your strategies." Sherry - U.S.

"I now poop like a pro!"

"I am happy to report that I now poop like a pro! My friends think I sound like a 2 year old bragging that "I've pooped twice today!" The strategies are all working! I've also dropped some weight and am enjoying a flat tummy. Best of all, food doesn't hurt my stomach anymore. Thank you so very much Dr. Mauro for your information on constipation." Lon - Hawaii

"I am surprised at how quickly
I am getting results"

"A million thanks! I took your advice and on Saturday started implementing the health habits you suggested. And my goodness I am surprised at how quickly I am getting results. I am one of those women who is very slim, but because of bloating, some days I look as if I am 4 months pregnant instead. Eating is a whole lot more rewarding! You can be sure I'll continue to do the healthy habits. Now I'm even starting to sleep better and my stomach is now becoming a lot more silent. I can never repay you for all the knowledge you have passed unto me. My heart felt thanks to you." Marilyn - Belize

"... affordable and BRILLIANT information"

"Thank you so much, Dr. Mauro for your 37 remedies! Thank you for caring about people like me enough to help with affordable and BRILLIANT information. M.D.'s pretty-much laugh the problem off, and tell you to eat more lettuce, and eat LESS! Ugh! So it is SO wonderful to have someone, who knows what they're talking about, take the issue of constipation seriously, and actually be able to HELP us chronic sufferers. I am so thankful for you, and I am certain that I am not the only one. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are absolutely fabulous!" Kelly - U.S.

"I have so much less bloating..."

"I have so much less bloating that I no longer have to take a change of clothes to work to change into (next size up) when the bloating usually kicked in around 1pm." Lucie - England

"I have been going 1 - 3 times per day.
I am so happy"

"I am having great results with your 37 remedies, especially #3, 9 and 16. I have been going 1 - 3 times a day. I am so happy. Thank you for your help." Carla - U.S.


37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women


$9 (Save $28)

You will get immediate access to the 37 Remedies as soon as you make your payment. You won't have to wait. Even if it's at 2 AM in the morning!


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