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Thinking Positive Heals Your Digestive Tract

Dr. Karlo Mauro, N.D.

If your mind's been negative about trying to relieve your constipation, I know it can be frustrating. The initial reaction is to tell the dubious brain cells to shut up.

Of course, they don't. They keep on grumbling.

It quickly starts becoming even more frustrating. The more you fight with these negative thoughts about your colon, your health and your appearance... the more negative the mind becomes.

In the East they have a simple saying: "If you fight with a pig, you'll get dirty."

Next thing you know, you might find you've labelled yourself as "a hopeless, negative person who will never get their colon flowing with regular bowel movements. You might as well give up, right now."

Forget it! You're not getting off that easy...

Instead, when these negative thoughts crop up about your ability to be free from constipation, stomach bloating and gas... just WATCH them... then ignore them... by replacing them with the opposite thoughts.

Thoughts like... How you'll wake up in the morning not feeling like your digestive tract has a hangover. How your energy will increase, now that your body isn't being worn out pushing dry stools through your small intestine & colon. How your complexion will improve, without those toxins backing up from your colon.

Those are just some examples. Think it out. What do you not like about your life right now that is directly or indirectly being caused by the problems going on inside your digestive tract?

Now picture your life, as it would be without those problems? What would be different?

If you had more energy, what would you do?

If you slept better, how would your morning be better?

If you didn't have to worry about gas, how would your social life improve?

If you weren't dealing with a bloated stomach, how would you feel about your body?

Have these answers ready. Then the next time negative thoughts creep up, you simply IGNORE them (do not fight with them). Get busy thinking these positive thoughts about how you want your health, your digestive tract and your life to be like.

You see, if you give these bad mental patterns any credence... then you just end up identifying with them. They feed on your attention, your guilt, your self-loathing, your negative feelings about yourself.

Best thing to do is starve them to death. They can't live off a positive self-image, good feelings or positive thoughts.

Yours in Natural Health,

Dr. Karlo Mauro, N.D.

Dr. Karlo Mauro, BSc, BA, MSEd, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Constipation Relief Strategies For Women

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