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Email Template #1 (Day 1)

This email could be used first. It serves as a long introduction to the course with links positioned constantly throughout the email. This usually proves more effective than a short and sweet message. With short and sweet they have two options: Click on your link or delete. With this longer version they are constantly given three options: Click, delete or read on. The more they read the more likely they are to click.

Subject LIne: Constipation Relief for Women


Today, I wanted you to share with you a FREE 7-part
series put together by a fully licensed nautropathic doctor
called "7 Common Causes of Constipation That Every Woman
Should Know and Avoid"...

Millions of people are constipated and don't even realize it.
It's worse amongst women than men.

Waste products aren't passing fast enough. More is going in than
is coming out. The short term result? Bloating, gas, fatigue.
Long term effects are far worse.

How do you know if you are constipated? The short answer is...
you need to be having AT LEAST one large bowel movement a day.
2-3 is even better. Most people in our "advanced" society are
lucky to have 2-3 bowel movements a week.

If this is the case for you I'd invite you to take Dr. Mauro's free
online test and sign up for his email course at...

Discover what's stopping you from having DAILY bowel movements!

Though the goal of his Constipation Relief for Women website is
to help you eliminate constipation, it will have several amazing

Making simple changes to your lifestyle, diet and mindset not
only gets your bowels regular, but it may also help improve...

* Your Overall Mood: It's hard to feel good when your colon is
backing up toxins into your bloodstream. You don't need
Paxil(tm). You need relief from toxic congestion.

* Raise Your Energy Levels: You'll know how draining pushing
dry stools through your colon has been, when you see the
contrast after applying the information in this free email

* Remove IBS: If you suffer from other bowel problems, such as
cramps, belching and acid reflux Dr. Mauro's anti-constipating
advice also helps reduce or eliminate those related issues.

* Healthier Skin: When your bowels are backed up, toxins need
to find another escape route. That's why you may find your skin
feels dry, worn and aged. Regular bowels movements can bring
life back to your skin and help you look a few years younger.

This 7-part series is absolutely FREE. You can get it now...

And those were just a FEW examples of what could improve
once you start going to the washroom with ease, 1-3 times a day.

Think of your car... If you clogged up the gas pipe and turned
on the engine, how well would it work?

Or your toilet... If you never flushed it, but kept on using it,
what kind of mess would you have?

Or your house... What if you stopped emptying the trash bin
under the kitchen sink?

Every cell in your body is producing waste with each breath of
air. You need to keep those waste products moving OUT if you
want to remain young, healthy and vibrant.

It's time to unclog your exhaust pipe, give your plumbing a good
scrubbing and start taking the trash out EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Get started by signing up for Dr. Mauro's free series at...

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll have coming to you,
absolutely free...

Part 1: Is Your Dinner Becoming Food for Bacteria?
(This is the case for most busy women these days...)

Part 2: Are You Lacking These Two Essentials?
(Despite how common these two "nutrients" are, many
women get ZERO grams of either.)

Part 3: Do You Take Any of These Prescription Drugs?
(So much of what the pharmacy offers is going to bind you up,
unless you take extra precautions.)

Part 4: Something You Should Be Doing for 20-40
Minutes EVERY Single Day!
(This is basic stuff, but most women skip it. Not only does
their gut suffer but their entire body, mind and emotions).

Part 5: Just Because It's Liquid Doesn't Mean It's Harmless!
(What you drink and when you drink can mean the difference
between you straining on the toilet at 2am or being asleep in

Part 6: What's the Best Bedtime Snack to Avoid
Constipation in the Morning?
(The answer may surprise you, but it'll also help
you stay slim.)

Part 7: The #1 Cause of Constipation
(This one's a direct result of how affordable food is in North

I encourage you to sign up now, read the 7-part series and gain
access to the Constipation Relief for Women website...

If you have any trouble getting to the site or signing up for
the 7-part series, please let me know.

Yours in Natural Health,


P.S. Without knowing the 7 biggest causes of constipation, more
advanced treatment may prove ineffective. If you don't remove
the cause, there is little possibility of finding relief from
bloating, gas and the sick "blah" feeling that goes along with
it. Dr. Mauro's email series will reveal to you exactly what you need to
know to remove the major causes of constipation from your life.
For some people, the information provided here may be all they
need to dramatically reduce their constipation (or even
eliminate it)...

P.P.S. Feel free to forward this email to interested friends,
co-workers and family members.

Email Template #2 (Day 2 or 3)

Sending a second email always increases responses. Often times this second email will produce more sales than the first. People love to procrastinate, so sending another reminder helps get them motivated.

Subject LIne: Stop Starving Yourself!


If you haven't already been to Dr. Mauro's site...

...then you haven't yet read about a patient of his who put up
with gas, bloating and constipation for years. She says...

"I became afraid to put anything in my mouth. The one thing I
learned fast is the less you eat, the less gas and bloating
you'll experience. If I skipped several meals in a row I could
get back to feeling normal."

You probably can relate. However, denying yourself food to avoid
bloating and gas only leads to binging. Stop starving yourself!

Instead of decreasing what goes into you, increase what comes
out of you. As you eat, so should you excrete.

Think of your colon like a short hose. If you keep on packing
food down that hose but have the other end clogged up, what's
going to happen? Two things: The tube is going to start bulging
outward, because there's no exit point.

Secondly, that food is going to start to rot. By rotting I mean
it will ferment, fester and stagnate -- becoming food for
microscopic bacteria. When those bacteria feast on the leftovers
inside your gut, they produce gas. Gas and backed up waste cause
bloating, cramps -- transforming your gut into a trash bin.

Those same bacteria also produce waste products that damage the
lining of your colon and the nerves responsible for pumping food

You must understand, that being regular -- going one or more times
a day --is completely natural. You need not strain for it.
Regularity is all about the end of straining! It's really just a
matter of letting your body, lifestyle and colon fall back into

Even if you've been irregular for your entire life, that's NOT
okay. If you're eating every day, you should be making at least
one trip to the bathroom. Three would be even better.

Please NAMEFIELD, take these three steps to get rid of your
bloating, gas and that awful "blah" feeling that has been
lingering for years...

Step One - Take the Simple 30-Second Self-Test at...

It will help you determine whether you're truly suffering from
constipation. If so, becoming regular should eliminate or
significantly reduce your bloating, gas and other symptoms.

Step Two - Avoid the 7 Major Causes of Constipation: I assume
you've already signed up for Dr. Mauro's free series, 7 Common
Causes of Constipation That Every Woman Should Know and Avoid.
If you haven't signed up yet, take a moment to enter your name
and email at...

Step Three - Work up to 1-3 Bowel Movements a Day: Order and
download a copy of Dr. Mauro's collection, 37 Constipation Home
Remedies For Women. Available from his catalogue page at...

Once you have the basic information in your hands, it's just a
matter of applying it to your life. Making small changes. That's
probably all you need to start going 1 - 3 times a day. Read,
apply and enjoy less time in the washroom, more energy and
looser pants.

BEWARE of quick fixes!

They fix things quick, only for them to become worse tomorrow.

If you've tried the laxative route, you know how those "diarrhea
pills" work. They cause urgent bowel movements that are untimely,
depleting and potentially embarrassing. Then, after a few weeks
or so, they stop working. And when you stop using them, your
constipation is worse than before.

What you need to do is BALANCE and HEAL your gut. Get it working
properly by strengthening it and avoiding common causes of

Listen carefully... the goal is NOT to merely get your bowels
emptying every day. It's to get your bowels emptying themselves,
every day. I'll explain more after you sign up for the email
series. Let's just say, healing and strengthening your colon so
it can function on its own, as described in Constipation Relief
Strategies for Women, is the way to go.

Once you sign up, Dr. Mauro will instantly send you a pdf download
covering the 7 most common causes of constipation. Just reading this booklet, which he's giving to you for free, should help reduce your symptoms (if not eliminate them).

He'lll be sharing the BASICS to keeping your gut in shape.

As great as the free booklet may sound, it doesn't compare at all
to the information and remedies coming to you when you order 37
Constipation Home Remedies For Women. I can personally attest
that. His book is one of the best collections of natural constipation
remedies I've ever come across.

It's also backed by a two month guarantee. As long as you're
following the simple guidelines in the 7 part series and 37
Constipation Home Remedies For Women, you'll be having one
or more bowel movements every single day.

In fact, if you're not, Dr. Mauro will, no questions asked, give you a
full refund. If 37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women
hasn't helped you, he doesn't want your money.

That said... even women suffering from severe constipation find
themselves having regular bowel movements within 6 weeks IF they
follow the instructions.

If you are spending far too much time on the toilet, only to get
rid of a few "bunny balls" (as one patient referred to them) then
you may want to get started with 37 Constipation Home Remedies right away, while doing the email course at the same time.

If you have any trouble getting to the site or signing up for
the 7-part series, please let me know.

Yours in Natural Health,


P.S. If your case is severe or you want results ASAP, I'd
recommend you order 37 Constipation Home Remedies For Women
to start kicking constipation out of your life. You'll be able
to download it instantly. It's not too long (43 pages). You'll
have it finished within the next hour. Just got to the catalogue page

More Coming Soon...

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